DIY Vape



Wax Liquidizer
Stretch your dollar and product by turning your legal herbal waxes and concentrates, such as cbd wax or shatter, into vapable e-liquid! Simply warm up your mixture in a glass container, mix, fill your vape, and enjoy. This Pg mix (a primary ingredient for e-liquids) suspends your concentrates into a liquid solution in seconds. Flavors : Original, Banana O.g, Blueberry, Grape Ape , Ice mint, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough
Natural Terpenes
Wax Liquidizer Mixing Kit
510 USB Charger
510 USB Charger is designed to charge eGo-style, small vape pens. Do not use on other devices.  What's Included:  1x USB Charger
510 Thread Cartridge - Empty
  What's Included: 1x 510 Thread Cartridge - Empty