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Kanger EVOD Battery 1000mAh
This EVOD battery from KangerTech is an eGo/510-threaded vaping battery. Compatible with any 510-threaded cartomizer, clearomizer, atomizer, or tank system, this vape pen is perfect for any vape cartridge for discrete, on-the-go vaping! In addition, Kanger EVOD will work with all Kanger Clearomizers and Protank Series Tanks! These batteries are regulated to output a consistent 3.7V hit for high quality vapor performance, every time. We include a FREE charger with every purchase of the EVOD battery from KangerTech! What's Include:  1x KangerTech EVOD Battery 1x USB Charger

                Lime Green
Slim Battery 380mAh
The Slim Battery by S6xth Sense is an all-day vape with 380 mAh of battery capacity. This variable temperature battery has enough power to get your through days of vaping. The variable temperature feature allows you to cycle between three temperature set­tings and a pre-heat warming function. Each heat setting is indicated by colored LEDs: Low-Heat (White), Medium Heat (Blue), High Heat (Red), and a preheating function which displays in a rainbow color pattern! This versatile battery allows for safe use with any 510 threaded cartridges. What's Included:  1x Slim Battery 1x USB Pass-Through Charger
Yocan Magento
The all-new Yocan Magneto vaporizer kit is a revolution in portable vaping for solid oils used in aromatherapy. This truly all-in-one device includes all of things you need to vape on the move. Yocan's proprietary technology, the Magnetic Coil Cap, will heat your solid oils, consistently for maximum vapor production. With a built-in dabber tool and built-in container to hold your solids on-the-go, AND an included silicone jar, make this compact modern device perfect wax vape pen for vaping on the move, discreetly, with incredible value. What's Include: 1x Yocan Magneto 1x USB Charger 1x Dabber Tool

Yocan Hive
The Yocan Hive vaporizer is a specialized mod kit, designed cartridge vapes. Power, compact, and sporting a sleek design, the Yocan Hive comes with two magnetic attachments designed to accommodate the two most common cartridge types.  With your cartridge snapping firmly into place, the powerful 650mAh box MOD with 12W and 4.2V, delivers a clean, consistent hit and an excellent vape, every time. The Yocan Hive vaporizer's leak-proof, portable, and stealthy design, is the perfect way to vape your cartridge, discreetly and on-the-go.  What's Included:  1x Yocan Hive Battery 2x Magnetic Vape Attachments