510 Vaporizer

O.Pen 2.0 VV
The O.pen is our favorite and highly recommended vaporizer for 510 thread oil cartridges. The O.pen produces the perfect vapor through a button-less draw. Also has four heat settings indicating by colored LED light. Swipe your finger over the charger, while charging, to activate the quick charge feature when your in a rush! Long battery life. Backed by the O.pens Lifetime warranty fulfilled by us through mail or in store! The sleek O.pen comes in 10 fabulous colors- 24k gold, black, blue, green, orange, pearl white, purple, rose gold, stainless steel, woodgrain.    What's Included: 1x O.Pen Rechargeable Battery 1x O.Pen Stylus Tip 1x USB Charger Vape Cartridge NOT INCLUDED. 

                Rose Gold
Slim Battery 380mAh
The Slim Battery by S6xth Sense is an all-day vape with 380 mAh of battery capacity. This variable temperature battery has enough power to get your through days of vaping. The variable temperature feature allows you to cycle between three temperature set­tings and a pre-heat warming function. Each heat setting is indicated by colored LEDs: Low-Heat (White), Medium Heat (Blue), High Heat (Red), and a preheating function which displays in a rainbow color pattern! This versatile battery allows for safe use with any 510 threaded cartridges. What's Included:  1x Slim Battery 1x USB Pass-Through Charger